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Mafia 2's a family that selects a project together and makes hype around it together. Join our family and see what's waiting for you here! #THP

1 Symbol of anonymity and safety2 Family outside the control of the system, functioning according to rules and values
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We are here to promote underrated projects with the whole family.
Do you have a project that is underrated and want it to finally see the daylight?


In the Crypto Mafia, you don't have to pay for anything. The only investment is your time.
You can rely on Crypto Mafia, but then Crypto Mafia must to rely on you.


A lot of people spend their time on social media. And let's think about how many people create social media?
With #THP, we are taking over social media together, promoting projects chosen by the family.
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Lets go

What is #THP

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In Crypto Mafia app, each family member can vote for their favorite project. The one who receives the most hearts becomes the Target. In the app you will find the currently selected Target and the price to which we will Hype.
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The entire Crypto Mafia family increases Target's reach by making noise on the Internet. We write and share various posts (photos, memes or videos) of Target. Hype increases the chance of the Target's entry into popular exchanges, which will further help to grow.
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If you have Crypto Mafia Proactive and are active then you will receive a reward from Crypto Mafia in the form of Target tokens. Remember that increasing the reach and popularity of a cryptocurrency is equivalent to increasing its capitalization and price.
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Our family has its own place where we communicate with each other. It is the Discord.
It is on Discord that everyone in the family earns points for Hype. Those points are Muffins.
On discord you can exchange Muffins for unique airdrops created for Crypto Mafia.
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Add project

If you know of a project that is underrated and want to change it, share it with us.
On Discord that each of us can propose a project to listing in the app (so that it can be voted on to become a Target).
To do this, join our family on Discord (see JOIN US below) and write what project should be listing in our app.
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Check Target

The app was created so that everyone in our family could vote for the best projects. Those that get the most likes become Target.
To see what the current Hyped Target is, download the app and see first post (project). Always the first post on the main roll is our Target.
Only in the app will you find out up to what price Crypto Mafia will Hype the current Target.
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Show above-average activity and get Crypto Mafia Proactive.
Crypto Mafia is a project in which every family activity is a benefit for you and for the whole family.
That's why above-average activity is rewarded with the Proactive title and rewards specifically intended for this group.
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Work is underway on the official Crypto Mafia token, which will serve as a reward for those with the Proactive.
Token will also be a means of payment in Crypto Mafia Business (a store for project creators).
Thanks to this use of the token, with each purchase in Crypto Mafia Business, the value of our token will increase.
Raid - Crypto Mafia #THP


Once in a while there is an event where the whole family comes together to promote the underrated project and our family on various social media.
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Win prizes of cryptocurrencies, NFTs and money in challenges organized by the of project founders.
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Our app

In our app you will check, i.a:
● currently listed projects added by the family members,
● currently Hyped project and what price we are Hyping to,
● the answer to the question: how to be sure that the project will grow?
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